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Rosemary “Mamie and Douglas Earl Adkins

Today as the sun was shining through the kitchen bay window, I had decided to make our angel, Maggie Anne a new cookie that I wanted to share in our cookbook.  She loves sweet potatoes so this one is especially for you Maggie, for loving me back!

As I gathered my supplies for baking, I decided to get my food processor out.
As I was standing back up I lost my balance, finding myself flat on my back on the kitchen floor.  

Maggie had been sitting on her front room bench chewing on a bone when I fell and the noise of the fall must have startled her.  As I was struggling to get up I could hear what sounded like a thousand horses in a stampede racing to the kitchen.

It was Maggie running hard just to be next to me.  Sitting on the floor having a good cry I was wondering how I would get up.  I have neuropathy in my legs due to diabetes and I worried about being stuck on the floor until my husband could get home.  

Luckily I could reach my cell phone but after trying to reach him a few times, I gave up.  Maggie Anne was beside herself trying to lick away my tears and kissing me everywhere. 

You could see the thoughts spinning in her head as I tried repeatedly to get up.  I have one leg that does not bend so getting off the floor is a very difficult challenge.

The harder I tried I just kept just falling back down over and over again.  Maggie became so upset she stood back staring at me but kept coming back to kiss away the tears.

I decided to scoot myself across the kitchen to a kitchen chair against the wall as Maggie Anne followed my every scoot.

I tried to pull myself up into the chair but fell again.  Maggie had been by my side only this time about a foot away staring at me as if to be thinking or getting ready to play.  I only knew I sure did not want to play!

Suddenly and without warning as I tried again to pull myself up she ran over and stuck her head and shoulders between my legs and pushed with all her might giving me the leverage I needed to get up into the chair!

She is my hero and certainly deserves these cookies along with a million kisses. How can a puppy just barely one year old be so strong and so very smart?  No one had better ever question she is my Service Dog…in Training or otherwise.  I love her dearly!

Introducing two drawings of our Maggie Anne Adkins.  These were drawn for us by a fourteen (14) year old artist way ahead of her age.  She has drawn these for our cover of Maggie’s Kitchen Tails: Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tails to Love due to launch October 31, 2015 in recognition of Maggie’s second birthday.

This angel has saved my life on several occasions when sleeping through a low blood sugar which could have proved deadly.  The angel markings on her chest say it all for us.  Her life had a difficult beginning when someone tossed her away like garage after abusing her at the young age of only a few weeks.  

Mamie and Doug

Due to help being available for her life to be saved, we have (Douglas Earl and myself, Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins) have decided to work with the Humane Societies and for KARE (Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education) in order to raise funds to re-home the precious lives of so many.  Inviting two other authors, Martha Char Love and Linda Victoria Hales to co-author, we have set out to create a dog treat recipe book accompanied with short stories about the adventures with our dogs…
both rescued and just loved!

We are proud to share we have a couple of sponsors and looking for a couple of more soon so we can hit the ground running with donations for these abused dogs.  

We are offering a No Risk FundRaising Program with our new book so  if you are looking to join the efforts to save the lives of dogs and help them find forever homes, please contact us for the information.


Side View
Front View

 We are sharing two “angel pose”  drawing and actual photograph for you.  Please help us decide which we should use for our cover - the Side View, the Picture, or the Front View - leave a comment.

Come join us and save a life.  It could be your own!

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